Two-Handed Ice Sword

weapon (melee)

Icicle is a beautifully crafted, overlarge two-handed sword. Obviously formed by magic, the sword consists of a five and a half foot long blade of pure elemental water hardened into ice, with veins of orichalcum running throughout its length and honed to a diamond edge. The hilt and crosspiece are crafted of crystal, with a brilliant sapphire set into the pommel. This exceptional craftsmanship makes the sword incredibly light and well balanced, despite its tremendous size.
Icicle’s magical forging prevents the ice that makes up its blade from being affected (i.e. melted) by heat and flames, and confers some of this immunity onto its wielder (+5 Armor vs. fire or heat). The most the character will ever feel from flames is a comfortable heat. Without a thread attached, Icicle requires a strength attribute of 15 to wield, and does STR +8 Damage.



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