Kylo Rayker

2nd Circle Human Scout



Initiative 8
Attack (Melee Weapons) 11
Damage (Pole-Axe) 15

Physical Defense 10
Spell Defense 10
Social Defense 7
Armor (Padded Leather) 4
Mystic Armor (None) 2

Death Rating 50
Unconsciousness Rating 39
Wound Threshold 10

Legendary Status 0


Kylo Rayker was born in the village of Thredshi, in the Caucavic Mountains of northeastern Barsaive. The village’s kaer was opened to the world amidst tragedy approximately 80 years ago in the year 1428TH, when Kylo’s grandfather Corcoran was discovered practicing nethermancy to contact and bargain with a Horror. Kylo’s father, Lave, attempted to capture and kill Corcoran, for the safety of all, but Corcoran broke through the kaer’s outer doors and escaped. When the wards were broken, the village had little choice but to emerge into the post-scourge Barsaive. While much of Thredshi remains inside the kaer to this day for protection, the village has begun to re-establish itself in the new world.

At a young age, Kylo showed a keen interest for exploration and discovery. His outstanding abilities of perception and his natural curiosity attracted the attention of a traveling Scout, who trained Kylo in the ways of the Discipline. Years passed peacefully as Kylo learned and thrived in his studies, gaining strength both martially and mentally. When he turned 18, Lave received word through his friends to the south that Corcoran may have survived his self-imposed exile and the many ensuing years, and was operating in southeastern Barsaive. Upon hearing this, Kylo vowed to restore his families’ honor and left in search of his Grandfather.

Kylo carries with him an amulet that was given to him by his father, one he has worn since his earliest memories. Kylo keeps it with him as a reminder of his family and his mission, but also because he knows his continued exposure to the amulet throughout his life coupled with his emotional attachment to it has created a pattern item that could potentially be used against him. As such, he guards it more than any of his other possessions, and will go to great lengths to retrieve it should it be taken.

Kylo Rayker

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